Conductive Backfill Installed as Liquid and Cures as Solid

SAE Inc. will be at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo

SAE Inc., a grounding solutions manufacturer, announces the launch of a new conductive liquid backfill: ConduFlow. This product can replace traditional grounding backfills, as well as transform how companies approach and implement grounding systems. ConduFlow is a dust free, conductive carbonaceous pourable backfill material that is installed as a liquid and cures as a solid. ConduFlow eliminates health and safety concerns associated with current powdered backfill materials and provides corrosion and theft protection. It can be poured on exposed rock surfaces to protect conductors where trenching is not possible. With an expected in-service time that is up to 20x the industry standard, electrode corrosion is virtually eliminated.

SAE, Inc. | Booth 3373

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