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Drone’s eye view of the fly yard Photo by Hooper Wilson Inc., courtesy of Minnesota Power
Drone’s eye view of the fly yard shows tangent towers ready for the helicopter to pick them up and take them to their foundations. This kept matting to only certain areas so that the towers could be flown to areas inaccessible to heavy ground equipment.

Challenging Terrain for a Transmission Build

Minnesota Power constructs the Great Northern Transmission Line to deliver 883 MW of hydropower.

Minnesota Power is designing and building the 224-mile (360 km), 500-kV Great Northern Transmission Line through some of the most extensive peat bogs found in the U.S.’s lower 48 states. More often suited for boats than trucks, the ground gives walkers a water-cushioned bounce as their footprints fill in with a tannin-stained brew. Some stretches of the project route — chosen based on local community input, in part because it would reduce landowner impacts — are so remote some of the project

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