Kasabonika Lake First Nation/Hydro One
Kasabonika Lake First Nation Overview

Wataynikaneyap Power’s $1.39 Billion Transmission Line Connects Kasabonika Lake First Nation To Ontario Power Grid

Oct. 18, 2023
The project connects Kasabonika Lake community distribution system to the Ontario grid through a 673-km line and six substations from Dinorwic Substation.

Wataynikaneyap Power has energized Kasabonika Lake First Nation with its 1,800 km transmission line project worth $1.39 billion, which will connect 17 remote First Nations to the Ontario power grid and reduce their dependence on diesel-generated electricity.

The transmission line connects the Kasabonika Lake community distribution system to the Ontario grid through a 673 km line and six substations starting from Dinorwic Substation. Kasabonika Lake First Nation, located about 600 km north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, will be served by Hydro One Remotes Communities for the local distribution of electricity.

 There are plans for 10 more First Nations to be energized in 2023-2024.

 “By removing power restrictions in our community, we are able to complete projects like renovating the school, building an office on the mainland, and a lighted sports field,” said Kasabonika Lake Chief, Tom Semple. “We can also build a new high school, which will allow our youth to stay in the community longer for education, instead of having to leave the community at a younger age and start building new homes too.”

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