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Hydro One Notified of Clean Energy Needs for Mining Operations in NW Ontario

April 27, 2023
IESO recommends Phase 2 of Waasigan Transmission Line for clean energy future support.

Hydro One has been notified by the Canada Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) that there is a requirement for reliable and sustainable electricity in northwest Ontario to enable mining operations.

In order to support mining operations and Ontario’s transition to a clean energy future, the IESO’s updated electricity forecast for the area suggests that Phase 2 of the Waasigan Transmission Line, the new single-circuit 230-kV transmission line between Mackenzie Transformer Station (TS) in the Town of Atikokan and Dryden TS in the City of Dryden, be put into operation as soon as practically possible after Phase 1.

The proposed Waasigan Transmission Line project will be completed in two phases.

The first phase involves constructing a new double-circuit 230-kV transmission line that would connect Lakehead TS in the Municipality of Shuniah to Mackenzie TS in the Town of Atikokan. In May 2022, the IESO recommended that Phase 1 be constructed, with the aim of making it operational by the end of 2025. The second phase of the project involves constructing a new single-circuit 230-kV transmission line between Mackenzie TS and Dryden TS in the City of Dryden.

At present, Hydro One is carrying out an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project in compliance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act to determine the final route of the transmission line, predict and evaluate any potential impacts, and establish methods to curtail and eliminate any negative environmental effects. The company intends to apply for a Leave to Construct (Section 92) to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for both phases of the project.

In addition, Nine First Nations have signed agreements with Hydro One, enabling them to invest in a 50% equity stake in the transmission line part of the project.

Completion of the project is subject to stakeholder consultation and regulatory approvals.

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