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TVA Announces Location of Proposed Transmission Routes in Bowling Green

March 23, 2023
TVA has chosen the Loving Switching Station that will be constructed in stages with a new power line linking it with the new Transpark East Substation

The Tennessee Valley Authority has identified preferred locations for transmission improvements that would prepare for growth and increase power reliability in the Bowling Green area of Warren County.

TVA selected the Loving Switching Station location on Sunnyside-Gott Road. Initially, TVA proposed using the Interstate 65 Switching Station site referenced during the Virtual Open House. However, underground issues were found at that location, and it was eliminated from consideration. 

The Loving Switching Station will be built in phases with the first phase in conjunction with a power line from the station to the new Transpark East Substation.  The new line from the Loving Switching Station to Transpark East would be less than three miles and built using primarily single-pole, steel structures on new 100-foot-wide right of way.  TVA has also identified preferred routes for two future lines that would connect to the Loving Switching Station. Those future lines will be built using primarily double-pole, steel structures on new 100-foot-wide right of way.

The selected routes are expected to have the least impact on the area, based on public input from the virtual open house and additional evaluation of other factors, including social, environmental and engineering impacts. A National Environmental Policy Act review is also pending.

The project will utilize new right of way. TVA will meet with property owners along the proposed right of way to obtain easements for construction, operation, and maintenance of the line. Property owners would still own the property and be compensated for the easements at fair market value.

TVA is expected to begin surveys in summer 2023 and start acquiring easements in summer 2024.  Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2025 and be completed in summer 2025.

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