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Potomac Edison Completes Inspections and Maintenance for Customers

June 20, 2022
Company offers tips for customers to manage rising temperatures and energy costs.

In anticipation of increased electric use along with the potential for seasonal storms, Potomac Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., has completed inspections and equipment maintenance across its Maryland and West Virginia service territory to enhance service reliability for customers during the summer months.

"During the summer months, our electrical system faces increased demand as our customers use their fans and air conditioning to stay cool," said Linda Moss, president of FirstEnergy's Maryland operations. "The inspections and maintenance we conduct are essential in enhancing service reliability and keeping our customers comfortable as temperatures climb."

Helicopter patrols have completed inspections of more than 1300 miles of transmission lines located in Potomac Edison's service territory. The inspections are designed to look for damaged wire, broken cross arms, failed insulators and other hardware problems not visible from the ground. Potential reliability issues identified during the inspection will be prioritized and addressed.

On the ground, Potomac Edison personnel inspected the company's 212 substations earlier this spring and completed needed repairs prior to the summer. The inspections included using thermovision cameras to capture infrared images that can reveal potential problems with equipment. By identifying hot spots, maintenance and repairs can be completed before a power outage occurs.

Crews also conducted inspections of distribution circuits, focusing on more than 600 line capacitors that maintain proper electric voltage. These devices are especially useful in remote locations because they automatically adjust voltage levels to accommodate changing system conditions.

In addition, Potomac Edison recently completed its annual storm restoration exercise as part of preparations for hurricane season and potential severe storms that commonly occur during the summer months. Storm drills are becoming more common in the utility industry in the wake of severe weather over the last several years.

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