EIM Governing Body Approves Proposal to Provide Direct Role for Western Utilities in the Real-time Energy Market

Sept. 15, 2021
Governing body recommended updates to governance documents; added clarification.

In its primary authority capacity, the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Governing Body on Wednesday unanimously approved the creation of the new “EIM sub-entity” category, allowing the California Independent System Operator (ISO) to work with multiple scheduling coordinators within a single EIM entity balancing authority area to schedule and settle non-participating loads and resources. Under current Western EIM rules, only the participating EIM entity can directly settle load imbalance energy with the ISO. The proposed new category will permit the ISO to work directly with eligible utilities within the EIM entity’s BAA. Settlements are the financial outcomes of market activities that result in payments or charges to scheduling coordinators.

In addition, the Western EIM Governing Body unanimously recommended changes to the corporate bylaws, EIM governance charter, and the guidance document to reflect the recently adopted shared-governance framework.

The Western EIM Governing Body also suggested the Board of Governors consider a change to the bylaws adding the requirement that any Board advisory committee established to consider joint authority and/or EIM governance matters would be created by joint authority of the Board and the Governing Body. If the Board agrees to consider the recommendation, the ISO will be required to complete a stakeholder review process to develop a proposal for the Board to consider.

The ISO Board of Governors will consider the recommended changes to the governance documents at its meeting on Sept. 22.

Visit the Western EIM website for more information about participants, the market, quarterly benefits reports, and other information on its governance, upcoming meetings, and initiatives.    

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