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Hot or Not? Get Thermally Scanned at the IEEE PES T&D Expo

March 8, 2018
Check out HOT/SHOT's booth and get thermally scanned

Hot or not? Well, at HOT/SHOT, they think everyone is hot! Check out HOT/SHOT's booth and get thermally scanned, and see how hot you really are.

Meet Kim Lewis, Chris Cox and Dan Lewis at the upcoming 2018 PES T&D Conference & Exposition at Booth #4323.  They will be demonstrating this new corona/HD/infrared camera technology. Along with learning about the new technology and services, you can get a thermal scan and receive a free copy of your image.

The company's new 2018 corona DayCor ROMHD is a 4-axis (or 5-axis, per demand) active gyro stabilized airborne inspection system. The imaging system includes the high definition (HD) DayCor corona (UV) detection sensor with combinations of a HD TV camera, a HD/IR sensor.

The stabilized system and the characteristics of the cameras and sensors enable high speed flight and remote detection of electrical and mechanical failures on overhead lines and installations.

DayCor ROMHD is a top-notch system due to the selection of cameras which are incorporated in a gyro stabilized payload. This system provides high resolution images and videos for a superior report.

Discharge sensitivity of 1 pC from 15 meters coupled with rapid optical zoom and auto focus enables reliable detection and capture of distant corona emission, and of moving targets without smearing the output image.

DayCor ROMHD can accommodate for concurrent Infra-Red (IR), Ultraviolet (UV), TV and Frames inspection cameras.


  • HD sensors
  • Excellent real time imaging
  • Excellent sensitivity for all parameters
  • Reliable data acquisition system
  • Four axis active gyro stabilization supporting high quality video recording
  • Low weight and dimensions
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Fit for high speed inspections
  • Incorporates the best available detection sensors
  • Fit for nose or belie installations or any other desired configuration on most helicopters
  • Fit for dual use

This new corona/HD/infrared camera technology will enable HOT/SHOT to combine flights and separate sensor inspections into one multi-sensor flight and inspection.   

HOT/SHOT Infrared Inspections also operates various other infrared camera systems, including FLIR P60, P660, 2000 series cameras and HOT/SHOT’s newest technology, Ofil ROM 400 Corona Infrared camera.  These cameras are operated by highly qualified and certified technicians, with over 100 years combined experience in the field.

To book a meeting, email Kim Lewis at [email protected].

Or come visit HOT/SHOT Infrared Inspections, Inc. at Booth #4322

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