Lattice Structures and Conductors

March 2, 2018
Transrail Lighting will exhibit at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo in Denver in April

Transrail Lighting Limited, established in 1984, is one of the largest manufacturers of T&D lattice structures and conductors in India. The company has in-house facilities for design and engineering and a state-of-the-art tower testing facility, coupled with large manufacturing capacities of over 100,000 MT/year of lattice towers and 50,000 MT/year of conductors. It is fully equipped to undertake projects of a large size. It has successfully tested 300+ towers from its testing station, supplied more than 700,000 MT of lattice towers and 100,000 kms of conductors to various utilities in over 26 countries across the globe. Its products have conquered all terrains including deserts, snow-capped regions, rivers, mountains, swamps and urban aggregations.

Its business expertise includes the following:

  • Design and Engineering services for Transmission Towers, foundations including Grillages
  • Load testing of Transmission Towers up to Destruction
  • Manufacture and supply of Transmission Towers, Conductors, Sub-Station Structures and Railway Gantries.

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