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Tdworld 7333 Transmission Zhengzaishuru
Tdworld 7333 Transmission Zhengzaishuru
Tdworld 7333 Transmission Zhengzaishuru
Tdworld 7333 Transmission Zhengzaishuru

Xcel Energy Set to Complete Roswell Grid Improvements

March 24, 2017
Almost 24 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines to boost local reliability, capacity

Xcel Energy has started the second phase of a $27 million project to upgrade the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers Roswell and surrounding areas.

The project, known as the Roswell Loop, is an effort to replace older 69-kilovolt transmission lines with new 115-kilovolt lines, which will boost the reliability and capacity of the local power grid. The project involves:

  • A nine mile, 115-kilovolt transmission line segment between the Roswell Substation in southern Roswell and the Capitan Substation in western Roswell that was completed in 2014.
  • A 10-mile, 115-kilovolt line between the Capitan and Price substations in north Roswell and a 4.7-mile, 115-kilovolt line connecting the Price and Chaves County substations northeast of Roswell. This phase of construction is expected to be completed by 2018.
  • Upgrades to Roswell, Capitan, Price and Chaves County substations to accommodate the higher voltage lines.

“The Roswell economy has grown and continues to grow, which drives the need for upgrades to the power grid to accommodate higher demand,” said Mike McLeod, regional manager for Community and Economic Development in Roswell. “Our energy future is tied directly to this type of growth, and it’s critical that we make timely investments in our power delivery systems to maintain high reliability at the most reasonable cost.”

The Roswell upgrades are part of a larger effort known as “Power for the Plains” that is enhancing the power grid across all of Xcel Energy’s New Mexico and Texas service area. Almost 100 miles of new transmission will be built across both states in 2017, and more than 500 miles by 2021. Xcel Energy has invested in nearly 800 miles of new transmission lines and 10 substations since 2011 in its New Mexico and Texas service area. This transmission expansion represents more than $1.6 billion in investment. Learn more about current and upcoming projects at www.powerfortheplains.com.

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