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Statnett to Construct Fjotland-Ertsmyra-Lyse-Duge Transmission Line

May 25, 2016
The project is part of Statnett’s larger Vestre korridor or West Corridor Project  

Valard Construction has been selected by Statnett to construct the Fjotland-Ertsmyra-Lyse-Duge Transmission Line. Valard’s scope of work includes the construction of over 100 kilometers (km) of new 420 kV AC transmission line and the decommissioning of approximately 90 km of existing 300 kV  transmission line.

Construction is expected to begin later this year and is expected to be complete at the end of 2021.

“This project is a good fit given Valard’s extensive transmission construction experience as well as with our growth strategy,” said Adam Budzinski, president of Valard Construction. “ We appreciate the confidence Statnett has placed in us for this project and look forward to continuing our positive relationship with them and the people of Norway. ”

The project consists of over 100 km new 420 kV AC overhead transmission lines:

  • Duge – Lyse 17 km
  • Lyse – Tjørhom 25 km
  • Tjørhom – Ertsmyra 27 km
  • Ertsmyra – Fjotland 20 km
  • Rerouting Lysebotn and Fjotland 12 km.
  • New line construction 2016 ‐ 2019 . 

Other project details include:

  • Decommissioning of approximately 90 km of existing 300 kilovolt ( kV ) transmission line
  • High altitude construction areas
  • Significant use of helicopter s for construction and decommissioning
  • Decommissioning 2019 ‐ 2021.

This contract has been awarded after being approved by Statnett's Board of Directors.

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