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Temporary Site Cables Reduce Disconnecting Times

May 21, 2015
Temporary site cables are a robust and easy-to-handle temporary cable solution for a secure power supply

Temporary site cables are custom-made, quick-connectable cables for temporary use in the high-voltage network, for example, during repair work on overhead lines or in transformer stations when converting networks.

The temporary site cables feature multi-strand copper conductors with cross-sections of 150 mm2 and 300 mm2. They are similar in design to high-voltage cables, but the high-purity insulation allows for a reduced insulation thickness. This results in a compact cable with reduced outer diameter and weight.

Temporary site cables are supplied with flexible pre-fabricated and pre-tested silicone rubber terminations which facilitates use in any position. Temporary site cables are therefore easy to handle on construction sites and quick to connect.

The cables are available in 110, 132, 150 or 230 kV and are produced in lengths of 50 m to 500 m. They can carry a current up to 750 A and can be connected in parallel to double the capacity. They are delivered on highly durable single- or triple-chamber drums that ensure safe unwinding and winding of the cables and the pre-fabricated terminations, and make transportation easier.

Prior to delivery, each individual cable is rigorously tested in Nexans’ high voltage laboratory in Hannover. Temporary site cables are exceptionally robust so they do not have to be checked for freedom from partial discharge until they have been used a number of times.

Temporary site cables are not only suitable for the temporary supply of power during scheduled conversion work in transformer stations or as an alternative to temporary installation overhead lines. They can also be put to instant use in case of emergencies or disruptions such as storm damages. During a power outage, temporary site cables can have power restored within some hours once the cables are on site.

Volker Gauler, marketing and product manager Land High Voltage Contracting, said, “Temporary site cables are perfect for reducing the disconnecting times of transmission lines during conversion. We are continuously improving them to maximize the benefit to our customers. Nexans’ innovative temporary site cables help to ensure a secure power supply at any time.”

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