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ABB Develops Complete System Solution for 1,100 kV HVDC Power Transmission

Sept. 12, 2014
1,100 kilovolt ultrahigh voltage direct current (UHVDC) technology enhances power transfer capacity to 10,000 MW and extends distance to over 1,800 miles

ABB has successfully developed all major equipment required for the deployment of 1,100-kV UHVDC power transmission systems. This advance in technology enhances power transfer capacity to 10,000 MW and extends the distance capability of such links to over 1,864 mi (3,000 km).

Higher voltage levels allow larger amounts of power to be transported across very long distances with minimal losses using HVDC technology making the latest development particularly interesting for geographically expansive countries and regions such as China, India, the Americas and Africa. China, for instance, has significant plans for several extra-long distance 1,100-kV transmission links.

In 2010 ABB supported SGCC with the Xiangjiaba-Shanghai project, the world’s first UHVDC (ultrahigh-voltage direct current) transmission link to go into commercial operation. The 1100 kV development takes ultrahigh voltage DC technology to the next level.

The 1,100-kV full system capability was enabled by the successful testing of all key components like the valves, breakers, surge arresters, capacitors and bushings. ABB previously announced the successful development and testing of the 1,100-kV converter transformer, which together with the above mentioned equipment plays a critical role in HVDC transmission and serves as a vital interface between the DC link and the AC network. Development of the 1,100-kV transformer addressed several technology challenges such as the sheer size and scale, electrical insulation including bushings and thermal performance parameters.

“This is an important step in transmitting more power over even longer distances, without compromising on losses,” said Hanspeter Faessler, Head of the Grid Systems business within ABB’s Power Systems division. ”It will help connect remote renewables and transmit electricity efficiently and reliably to bustling urban centers located thousands of kilometers away, while minimizing environmental impact.”

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