Grand Bahama Hardening Its Grid with RS's Composite Poles

May 8, 2009
Resin Systems Inc. announces that Grand Bahama Power Co. has placed an order for 404 RStandard modular composite poles.

Grand Bahama Power Co. has placed an order for 404 RStandard modular composite poles from Resin Systems. RS worked with its exclusive North American distributor to obtain this order. ThE first shipment of 48 poles is destined for a transmission line that will supply electric power to a new Ginn Resorts project, the Ginn Sur Mer on Grand Bahama Island. This 22-mi, 69-kV line is necessary to serve the increased load resulting from Ginn Sur Mer’s new development. The construction of this transmission line, along with the existing facilities, will continue to provide reliable electric service to the growing West End area.

"The RStandard pole was the best solution for this job because its polyurethane construction can withstand the UV and hurricane exposure of the Bahamian environment," stated Tim Bell, president of Barkley Technologies, the design engineers for the project. "The RStandard nesting modular design provided logistics savings and its PLS-CADD compatibility enabled in-depth analysis, which was critical for the hybrid, concrete-filled solution being utilized. In addition, this hybrid solution allows Grand Bahama Power the ability to use existing equipment to build the line, thus providing
significant savings for the utility and its ratepayers."

"The deployment in the Grand Bahama of our highly robust RStandard composite poles using this innovative engineering approach demonstrates the versatility and cost effectiveness of our product," said Paul Giannelia president and chief executive officer of RS. "We have every confidence these poles will contribute to improving our customer's overall grid reliability, and our new lifetime guarantee assures our customers that they can depend on our RStandard poles to stand up to the harshest climatic conditions."

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