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Pipe Bursting System

Dec. 11, 2009
The Ditch Witch organization has released the PR100, the company's newest and most powerful pipe bursting system

The Ditch Witch organization announces the release of the PR100, the company's newest and most powerful pipe bursting system. Each component of the PR100—the bursting unit, power pack, and job box—is designed and manufactured by the Ditch Witch organization.

The PR100 bursting unit can fracture or cut any type of existing pipe—clay, PVC, steel, cast iron, or ductile iron—and pull in new pipe of up to 16 in (400 mm) in diameter with 100 tons of pullback force. Stoutly built with heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel, the PR100 has the power to replace all types of water, sewer, and utility pipe.

The PR100's heavy-duty components are designed to provide strength and stability during operation, as well as long life, minimal wear, and low maintenance. Reinforced steel shrouds protect each unit's hydraulic cylinders—which are specially engineered in the Ditch Witch plant to provide exceptional reliability—from damage and debris.

The PR100 is designed with clean, simple hydraulics, including high-quality ORS and SAE fittings. Load-sensing hydraulics cause the bursting unit to automatically downshift when a load is introduced, and allow higher speeds during makeup and breakout, which increases productivity.

The PR100's power pack features a 60-hp (45 kW) Cummins engine that is fully enclosed, fully accessible and, at 83 dBA, is the quietest in its class. The power pack has numerous features designed to improve operator productivity, including remote drains and an auxiliary pump for running hydraulic power tools.

The PR100's rod box mounts atop the bursting unit, a design that offers two benefits: an entry pit only large enough to accommodate the bursting unit and the operator is required, which reduces time and labor expense; and easier access to the rod box, which reduces operator fatigue. Customers can equip the PR100 with an optional assisted rod device that speeds make-up times, makes operation easier, and allows flexible setup on a variety of jobsites.

An exclusive feature of the PR100 is a rugged steel job box that comes with the system as standard equipment. The job box is packed with essential tools for operation.

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