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Compact Walk-Behind Trenchers

May 7, 2009
The Ditch Witch organization has released two new low-cost trenchers: the RT10 and the RT12.

The Ditch Witch organization has released two new low-cost trenchers: the RT10 and the RT12. Both walk-behind trenchers feature fully hydrostatic steering for easy handling, and come with your choice of high-flotation tires—for outstanding traction and stability—or heavy-duty tracks that oscillate. Unlike rigid tracks, these "walking" tracks adjust more easily to uneven and rough terrain. Both units also feature a trail wheel that increases stability and reduces breakover when loading and unloading or going over a curb.

Like all Ditch Witch trenchers, both the RT10 and RT12 have easy-to-use, color-coded controls that even a novice operator can quickly learn how to use. Because of its ease of use, and because it is ideal for short runs, the 11-hp (net) RT10 is expected to be a popular rental item among homeowners and small contractors. For bigger jobs and longer runs, the RT12 is equipped with more horsepower (16 gross hp) and an oil cooler that keeps its Vanguard engine running strong even on the hottest days.

Numerous options are available for both units to help operators save a great deal of time and money. One is a pin-on backfill blade that efficiently restores the trench after the product is installed. The company says the savings in time and labor—versus hand-filling the trench with a shovel—will quickly be realized when the customer uses the option for the first time.

Another option is the Roto Witch, an attachment that enables the operator to bore under sidewalks, driveways, and other obstacles. No competing trenchers in the RT10/RT12's horsepower class offer this option.

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