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Advanced Composite Mats Provide Access to Job Sites

DURA-BASE is engineered to provide a stable work platform or access road regardless of difficult terrain.

Oftentimes, electric utility crews must access job sites in remote or environmentally-sensitive terrain. Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, which was one of the exhibitors at ESMO 2019, manufactures an advanced-composite mat system called DURA-BASE to help solve this problem.

The company has provided job-site access for the power transmission industry for more than 15 years. Its DURA-BASE product allows utilities to provide temporary road access, a stable job-site platform or ground protection in a sensitive environment.

The DURA-BASE EPZ Grounding System expands upon the benefits of the DURA-BASE advanced composite mat and provides a method for creating equipotential zones in utility and power transmission applications, which has historically been a long-standing challenge for industry contractors. Newpark’s EPZ Mats, which have passed third-party testing using ASTM standards, include bus bars to secure grounding and offer optional integrated safety zone rails designed to keep workers and equipment safely within the work zone.

By using DURA-BASE on a job, site, the company estimates that a utility can cut its transportation cost by two-thirds, resulting in fewer truckloads, more mats and quicker job-site access. The mats are made of a single-piece construction, and the sealed design allows for decontamination cleaning. In addition, they are field proven in extreme environments, and the company has inventory available for large-scale projects. 

Each individual DURA-BASE mat measures 8 ft x 14 ft x 4 in. thick (2.44m x 4.27m x 10.2cm) and weighs about 1,000 lbs (454kg).

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