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TXU Electric Delivery to Increase Assistance to Utilities Affected by Hurricane Katrina

As Hurricane Katrina continues to cause devastation along the Gulf Coast, TXU Electric Delivery has responded to calls from utilities in Louisiana and Florida for additional help by releasing 570 TXU Electric Delivery employees and contractors to Entergy and Florida Power & Light.

On Thursday, Aug. 25, TXU Electric Delivery sent an initial contingent of 142 TXU Electric Delivery employees to Florida after Katrina made landfall in southeast Florida. As Hurricane Katrina reached Louisiana, additional TXU Electric Delivery resources were on their way to the area to make repairs and provide support. TXU Electric Delivery crews may not be allowed to enter Louisiana until later in the week because of flooding and storm damage.

“Hurricane Katrina has already caused extensive damage in Florida and is now striking the coast lines of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Utilities affected by the storm need our help restoring electric service to millions of customers. Entergy expects to see major damage to electrical systems in its service area, and Florida Power & Light is still making repairs in southeast Florida,” said Brenda Pulis, TXU Electric Delivery senior vice president.

“In June 2004 when we experienced the most devastating storm in our history, utilities from nine states came through for us. Utilities have traditionally worked together during emergencies. We’re responding to Entergy and Florida Power & Light by sending some of the most experienced, skilled people we have to do what they do best—get the power back on.”

Pulis added that TXU Electric Delivery has also sent 55 vehicles, including bucket trucks, pole-setting equipment, and a self-contained communications trailer to Florida. TXU Electric Delivery employees and contractors on the restoration team hail from East, West and Central Texas, as well as the Metroplex. Employee volunteers and contractors selected for deployment are experienced at removing tree debris and rebuilding transmission and distribution systems.

“TXU Electric Delivery is making a major commitment to utilities affected by Hurricane Katrina. However, providing safe and reliable service to consumers in our service area is our top priority. We will continue to respond as usual to emergencies, outage calls and priority jobs. Other, non-critical services may not be completed on a normal timeline. We ask for our customers’ understanding and patience as we assist others who are in dire need,” said Pulis.

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