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Transformer Puts Safety First

Transformer Puts Safety First

Power Partners has introduced Safe XFMR+, a new product that boosts the safety features of transformers in the electric power and transmission distribution industry.

“The Power Partners facility has manufactured transformers for more than 57 years, and safety has always been our priority. Over the years we’ve created many new features that add to the safety of these electrical power products,” said Meghan Monty, Power Partners Sales Engineer.  “With the Safe XFMR+ we have integrated all key safety features into this product.”

The Safe XFMR+ includes the EZ Lift Eyebolt, which ensures added safety and ease when installing pole-mounted transformers. The EZ Lift eyebolt increases the vertical distance between lift points and high voltage lines.

The Safe XFMR+ uses environmentally friendly FR3 fluid, a biodegradable vegetable oil with a higher fire point.  A self-venting and resealing cover is also part of PPI’s Safe Former+. The cover prevents pressure build ups that can occur with chime ring covers.

The IFD, internal fault detector, is another vital safety feature. It lets linemen quickly identify the transformer where a fault occurs and de-energize the unit .

“Lineman put their lives on the line every day to keep their customers’ homes and businesses running smoothly, and we recognize that the quality of our products directly relates to the safety of our lineman,” said Monty.


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