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With Storm Restoration Essentially Completed, FPL Moves into Evaluation Phase to Drive Further Improvements

Florida Power & Light Company President Armando Olivera today said that with today’s announcement that crews have essentially completed Hurricane Wilma restoration efforts in South Florida, FPL is shifting its emphasis to the important task of analyzing the 2005 storm season and the impacts of this year’s major hurricanes on the company and its customers.

“As our crews today turn on the lights for the last of our 3.2 million customers impacted by Hurricane Wilma, I want to assure each and every one of our 4.3 million customers statewide that over the coming months we will be devoting all of the resources necessary to review our restoration effort, analyze the data gathered by our forensics team and evaluate our infrastructure to see what lessons we can learn from 2005 as we prepare for 2006 and the years to come,” Olivera said.

“Our corporate culture is one of seeking continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. Improving the processes and procedures we have employed in restoring electric service to our customers and evaluating the capabilities of our infrastructure in the aftermath of natural disasters is a top priority. We learned a great deal following the three back-to-back hurricanes of 2004 that we successfully applied in 2005, and I expect we will learn even more in the coming months that will benefit our customers and the communities we serve next year and beyond. We look forward to continued beneficial working relationships with our emergency management and local and state governmental partners as we jointly pursue the common goal of attempting to minimize the impacts on all Florida citizens when natural disasters strike.

”Every storm is different, every storm brings with it its own set of challenges for FPL and our customers and we appreciate their patience and understanding. I particulary want to express my appreciation to the hard-working men and women from FPL and our partnering utilities and contractors who have labored tirelessly -- in light of the fact many of them also suffered damage to their own homes -- in bringing this year's storm restoration effort to a successful conclusion following what has been the largest such effort ever undertaken in FPL’s history."

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