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PSE&G Expected to be Among the First Out-of Town Utilities in Florida After Wilma Hits

Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey, expects to be among the first out-of-town utility companies on the scene in Florida if Hurricane Wilma hits and results in widespread power outages, as has been predicted. PSE&G expects to send about 80 people, including 60 line personnel, and more than two dozen utility vehicles from different locations throughout New Jersey early Sunday morning.

Florida Power and Light reached out to PSE&G and requested help restoring electrical service in the wake of the oncoming hurricane on Wednesday. Plans for the utility to send help were finalized today.

If the PSE&G workers depart Sunday morning as planned, they will likely arrive in Orlando on Tuesday. It is anticipated that they will stay for three weeks, depending on the strength of the storm, the severity of the damage and Florida Power and Light's needs.

"Mutual aid" is an arrangement between utilities that allows for the sharing of resources such as labor and equipment during emergencies. The hosting utility reimburses for associated costs.

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