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Outpouring Doubles Albemarle's Initial Pledge to Katrina Relief Support

Albemarle Corporation announced that its total donations to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund supporting Hurricane Katrina relief and recovery in Louisiana would exceed $500,000. The donations are a combination of an immediate company pledge; contributions by employees, family members, and friends; and corporate matching gift funds.

In addition to raising money for relief funds, Albemarle employees in the United States and overseas have provided emergency medical assistance; coordinated meals, clothing collections, and medical services for hurricane evacuees at regional shelters; trained agency volunteers in workplace safety; and even provided assistance to animal welfare operations.

"The response from our employees, their families, and our friends towards providing donations and other forms of assistance, has been tremendous. It is a real testament to their commitment to helping in this time of need," said Albemarle Senior Vice President of Business Operations John Steitz. "Thanks to these generous folks and their efforts, we have been able to more than double the amount of support we originally pledged, and have provided even more support through direct service."

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