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Nearly 45% of FPL Customers Now Have Power Back; Sub-county Restoration Times Expected Today

Electric service has now been restored to more than 1.4 million customers – or nearly 45 percent -- of the approximately 3.2 million customers left without power in the wake of Hurricane Wilma. Some 9,400 workers comprised of FPL personnel as well as restoration specialists from 33 states and Canada are working around the clock on the massive restoration effort, with another 2,200 scheduled to arrive throughout the weekend increasing the team to 11,600.

All but eight of the 241 substations that sustained damage from Hurricane Wilma have been re-energized as have the majority of community-designated critical infrastructure facilities. FPL’s work towards restoring electricity to critical infrastructure and main lines also results in basic services such as gas stations and grocery stores coming on-line.

FPL has already announced county-by-county restoration times and later today is expected to announce more specific restoration times for sub-county areas.

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