The Hybrid Microgrid

June 23, 2015
Oncor's hybrid microgrid project provides flexibility while maintaining the ability to operate independently of the grid.

Oncor’ Technology Demonstration and Technology Center is located just outside Dallas, Texas, at its 400-acre general services headquarters. Here at the headquarters are both a meter shop and a transformer repair shop. At the Technology Center, you will find a hybrid microgrid that is built on fast switching technologies that enable the Center to take advantage of 106 kW of solar panels, 200 kWh of battery storage, a 65-kW microturbine and more.

Check out this photo gallery and you will get a sense of the components that make up microgrids. The industry is finding that stand-alone microgrids are losing their allure as they are proving too expensive and must also handle all contingencies. A better solution is to work together to develop a hybrid microgrid, providing flexibility while maintaining the ability to operate independently of the grid.

The smart microgrid's generation assets consist of:

  • A 104-kW solar carport PV array
  • A 2-kW ground-mounted PV array
  • A 65-kW microturbine that runs primarily on propane (for reasons of cost and availability)
  • Two 175-kW diesel generators and a 200-kW diesel generator
  • A 45-kW gas-reciprocating generator
  • A 25-kW/25-kWh S&C PureWave CES Community Energy Storage unit
  • A 200-kW/400-kWh Tesla Li-ion batter storage unit.
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