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LG&E Energy Foundation Sends Financial Assistance; Utilities Release Additional Workers

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastation in the Gulf Coast states, the LG&E Energy Foundation donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief efforts. Many employees also donated directly to the American Red Cross and other relief agencies.

In addition to financial assistance, LG&E and KU last month released 70 additional employees and Kentucky-based contractors to restore power to millions of residents in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, bringing LG&E and KU's presence to more than 250 workers total in the Gulf Coast states. The 80 LG&E and KU employees and contractors who assisted Florida Power & Light (FP&L) had been rerouted to the hardest hit areas along the Gulf Coast. The more than 100 tree-trimmers who had headed south before were already working in the area as of Sept. 1.

"Our hearts go out to the people affected by Hurricane Katrina's devastation," said Vic Staffieri, LG&E Energy's chairman, CEO and president. "We hope that our contribution of workers and financial assistance will bring some needed relief to the millions of victims in the Gulf Coast states. At the same time, we want to reassure our customers that we remain committed to providing the exceptional service they deserve as we assist in this restoration effort in the Gulf Coast region."

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