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Hubbell Responds to 2005 Hurricanes

People truly make the difference and that's certainly the case at Hubbell Power Systems as we reflect on the response of our people to the aftermath of the hurricanes. These storms, in terms of products shipped to customers, have exceeded the collective impact of last year's four hurricanes that slammed the coast.

From field sales, to customer service, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and purchasing, the Hubbell team rallied to ship more than 4 million fasteners, 1 million automatics/ splices, a quarter million cutouts and fuses, a quarter million connectors, 100,000 arresters/insulators, almost 100,000 anchors, anchor extensions, tools and switches in a matter of days. More than 120 truckloads of material quickly going to our customers.

Once we were over the initial surge of orders, we geared to maintain support to the ravaged areas as well as to maintain necessary product flows to customers unaffected by the storm. We increased production with overtime being implemented at all plant locations. We ramped up sourcing to expedite delivery of raw materials to help us quickly rebuild inventories.

Besides the long hours of many, many dedicated Hubbell people in getting products to those in need, our team wanted to do more. We implemented a matching funds program for charities in which employees may contribute, and the Company will match employee donations. Today, we've raised more than $25,000. We know that many of our people also contributed, clothing and money through churches and charities.

Throughout our company history, storms have always brought out the best in our people. We are dedicated to our customers and truly concerned about the suffering of others.

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