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FirstEnergy Personnel Heading to Texas to Assist With Hurricane Rita Restoration Efforts

FirstEnergy Corp. has sent 133 employees -- including 38 line crews -- to Texas to help restore electric service to customers of American Electric Power (AEP) who may be affected by Hurricane Rita.

The FirstEnergy two-man crews include: 10 crews from The Illuminating Company; 10 crews from Toledo Edison; nine crews from Pennsylvania Electric Company; and nine crews from Metropolitan Edison. In addition to the linemen, other company personnel include mechanics, supply specialists, managers, and damage assessors. It is anticipated that some FirstEnergy personnel will begin arriving in Texas as early as Friday evening.

Earlier this month, 95 FirstEnergy employees helped restore electrical service to those affected by Hurricane Katrina in the Miami, Florida, and Jackson, Mississippi, areas. FirstEnergy is a member of a mutual assistance group of electric utilities that help each other with major restoration projects.

"For the second time in less than a month utilities in the Gulf area are facing the potential for large-scale power outages caused by hurricane damage. Once again, our employees are proud to offer their assistance in what is likely to be a massive power restoration effort," said Chuck Jones, FirstEnergy's senior vice president of Energy Delivery and Customer Service.

FirstEnergy is a diversified energy company headquartered in Akron, Ohio.

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