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Entergy Promises Power by Year-end

A new effort to speed the restoration of electricity services in New Orleans should it available to nearly every part of the city by the end of the year, Entergy New Orleans managers said Wednesday.

According to a story in the Times-Picayune by Keith Darce, Entergy managers laid out a detailed plan to significantly boost the number of workers in the city and to accelerate the relighting of neighborhoods flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Entergy's repair crew will more than double from 150 workers to 390 in the coming weeks. The plan was presented during a City Council Utilities Committee meeting.

The plan also will cut the wait time for reconnecting homes and businesses to neighborhood power lines from as long as three weeks to a week or less, said Rod West, Entergy's regional manager for electric distribution in the Times article. It will restore power to streetlights, highway lights and traffic signals as well. The program will move into high gear Nov. 28.

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