Composite Crossarm Adaptable to Various Situations

DIS-TRAN presents new crossarm at the IEEE PES T&D Expo

DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions presents Ultravex, the newest member of the overhead product line. Instead of imitating typical wood crossarm designs from many decades ago, it looked for the most efficient shape and section to provide a unique and modern solution. The result is a product that can be adapted to various situations and loadings, all utilizing the same basic shape.  The Ultravex composite offers three layers of UV protection, a UV-stabilized isopthalic polyester resin, a UV resistance fiberglass mat, and a UV-resistant surfacing veil. This places the minimum life expectancy of the arm at the industry standard of more than 40 years.

The unique design and shape of the Ultravex composite crossarm provides customers with several advantages. Each side of the outer surface on the composite has a slight apex, creating a dome-shaped profile. This allows the crossarm to easily shed contaminants, thus reducing tracking issues. The design of the Ultravex composite crossarm also provides the arm with the necessary strength to withstand maximum torque without the use of inserts or any specialized hardware. Due to the symmetry of its dimensions, one single Ultravex composite crossarm can be used in either tangent or deadend applications. This universal solution reduces inventory, potential for error, and costs across your system.

In addition to these structural advantages, the Ultravex composite crossarm is made in America.

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