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Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Employees Returning From The Gulf Coast Following Two Week Restoration Assignment

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), a subsidiary of Constellation Energy, yesterday announced that approximately 70 overhead linemen and support staff deployed to South Florida and the Gulf Coast last month are returning to Baltimore, having completed a two-week effort to help restore electric service to areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, approximately 70 new BGE employees are heading to Jackson, Mississippi, to continue the work begun by the returning personnel.

"The men and women of BGE who accepted this assignment have worked tirelessly under extremely challenging conditions and they have every reason to be proud of the work they've accomplished," said Mark P. Huston, vice president of electric transmission and distribution for BGE. "Helping people get their lives back on track following a catastrophic event is no small feat. And because there is so much more work to be done along the devastated Gulf Coast, BGE will continue to support the restoration effort by replacing the returning crews with a new group of employees equally as eager to help the region recover."

The returning employees helped restore electric service to parts of Jackson, Mississippi and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, assisting Entergy Corporation and Florida Power and Light Company. Departing personnel will begin their two week assignment in Jackson, but may be redeployed to other areas if conditions warrant. Other utilities that BGE has assisted following Hurricane Katrina include Mississippi Power and Cleco Power.

BGE is part of a mutual assistance network of utilities that regularly discusses current and approaching weather conditions, the potential impact on each utility's service territory and available resources. In accordance with preexisting agreements, the requesting utility assumes the costs associated with mutual assistance.

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