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AVEVA to Provide Technology Assistance to Help Rebuild Business Community Devastated by Hurricane Katrina

AVEVA, Houston, announced that it will be providing technical resources, as well as humanitarian aid via the American Red Cross, to the communities adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina.

"With the recent of events of Hurricane Katrina, AVEVA wishes to extend our deepest sympathy and compassion to all those who have been adversely affected in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States," said Richard Longdon, CEO of AVEVA. "Foremost in our thoughts is the humanitarian disaster. We are committed to helping our community, and stand together during these difficult and challenging times. We encourage others to join in supporting relief charities and assisting in whatever way they can. Furthermore, we must all look to the future and help rebuild the region and its infrastructure for its people and the vital role its industry plays in the United States economy."

"AVEVA is ready to assist the engineering technical community in its efforts to restore industrial operations and accelerate recovery of the entire region," Longdon continued. "We have offered use of our training facilities to customers whose operations have been temporarily displaced by the hurricane. Additionally, we are providing technical resources and assistance to the broader engineering community to bring projects and business operations back on line, and to help restore stability as soon as possible."

AVEVA is offering free use of two engineering solutions that are vital to repairing damaged rigs, production platforms and processing facilities. These include AVEVA's Laser Model Interface (LMI), which is currently close to the end of its pre-release testing phase and will be made available to any business working on Katrina-related projects. The interface, which works inside AVEVA's PDMS (Plant Design Management System) software, will allow engineering firms to use a 3D laser scan of the damaged facility directly inside the PDMS modeling environment to design and effect repairs as well as take measurements and perform clash detection.

AVEVA's Review product will also be made available under the same terms to allow owner/operators to review their damaged facilities and approve repairs. Royalty-free status will continue through the end of February 2006.

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