PhaseTrakker™ Phase Identification Systems

Sept. 3, 2019
Phase Identification Systems

Originally developed in 2004, The first AP10 PhaseTrakker™ system was a cutting-edge solution to the decades old enigma of knowing which phase is which. At that time, ensuring feeders were properly connected involved using phasing sticks to determine if two like-labeled conductors matched. But the uncertainty of correct phase-labeling was a constant possibility. Long overhead lines could easily have mislabeled phasing, and tracing overhead lines was time consuming and frequently inaccurate.

As underground cables became more popular, it was common for them to be mislabeled, which caused confusion and safety hazards during outages and switching procedures. Also, when two circuits needed to be looped together, it was important that phase labels were accurate. It was inconvenient to de-energize a circuit to determine phasing, but the PhaseTrakker™ technology was designed to work on energized equipment.

Today, electrical systems have become even more complex and the need for accurate phase labeling for substation connections, transformers, relays, recloser controls and smart meters has grown. Distribution equipment commonly reports conditions on each phase, so it’s crucial for the phase labeling to be accurate. The PhaseTrakker™ AP30 (shown on left in photo below) and PhaseTrakker™ JR (shown on right) systems enable a utility to know, with confidence, which phase is which. This results in proper load balancing, accurate mapping and data collection, elimination of trial-and-error in substation connections and safer switching procedures.

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