Forum Session Covers Power System Operation and Planning

April 11, 2018
Tuesday, April 17, 2018: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Forum sessions at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo provide an opportunity to learn more about the best conference papers presented at the conference. Thirteen forum sessions have been organized with each one containing papers from related disciplines. Presenters in each themed session will speak on their paper. Following all presentations, these experts will be in the room with a poster for a more direct and personal discussion with attendees.

Power System Operation and Planning will be featured on Tuesday, April 17, at 1 p.m. Presentations include specific topics such as topological adjustment of distribution grids, simplified parallel power system restoration for large-scale transmission grids, and combined T&D test system to study high penetration of distributed solar generation.

Complete list of presentations:

  • Topological Adjustment of Distribution Grids based on Grid Performance Indicators for Improved Planning and Operation
  • Virtual Bus Angle for Phase Angle Monitoring and its Implementation in the Western Interconnection
  • Impact of Simplified Convection Model in Overhead Lines Thermal Rating Calculation Methods
  • A Security Distance Based Design Method for Active Distribution Systems Integrating Multiple Distributed Generations
  • Marginal Hosting Capacity Calculation for Electric Vehicle Integration in Active Distribution Networks
  • Decentralized Multi-area Look-ahead Dispatch for Cross-regional Renewable Accommodation
  • Coordinating Control Devices and Smart Inverter Functionalities in the Presence of Variable Weather Conditions
  • Operation of Distribution Networks with Volatile Supply and Controllable Data Center Demand
  • Optimal Participation of Compressed Air Energy Storage in Energy and Ancillary Service Markets
  • A Simplified Parallel Power System Restoration for Large-scale Transmission Grids
  • Combined Transmission and Distribution Test System to Study High Penetration of Distributed Solar Generation
  • Real-Time Bi-directional Electric Vehicle Charging Control with Distribution Grid Implementation

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