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Cutout-Mounted Recloser Reduces Scope and Duration of Power Outages

Feb. 17, 2014
Utilities can customize settings at own service centers, adjusting for unique operational needs.

S&C Electric Co. now offers service center configurability for TripSaver II Cutout-Mounted Recloser, a self-healing solution that reduces the scope and duration of power outages on lateral distribution lines. The new feature will make it easier for utilities to apply this product on their systems.

TripSaver II is an economical solution for bringing self-healing capabilities to secondary overhead distribution lines. In the event of a short circuit, it will interrupt the fault current and then reclose up to three times to determine if the fault is still present. If the fault remains after the reclosing cycles, the device will open and provide a visible gap in the power system, helping to isolate the damaged section of the grid and making it easier for utility personnel to locate the fault physically and make repairs.

"Many utilities have difficulty justifying the expense of a full self-healing solution on lateral distribution lines, because the loads impacted by disruptions are much smaller than those served by their main feeders," says Phil Fahey, S&C vice president—Switching and Protection Product.  "TripSaver II provides an economical approach to bring self-healing capabilities to secondary distribution lines, reducing the length and scope of many outages impacting this part of the power distribution system."

The new TripSaver II feature allows utilities to configure the product's protection settings at their own service centers or other suitable indoor locations. Settings including time-current characteristic curves, the number of reclosing operations before the TripSaver II goes to lockout, the length of reclosing intervals and customizable display screen selections. This functionality provides utilities with significantly more flexibility to adapt the TripSaver II settings for various applications of the device. Utilities also now have the ability to modify settings in reaction to power system changes or changes in operational practices.

"With service center configurability, utilities can deploy TripSaver II units more efficiently. They do not need to have system protection studies completed before ordering units, they have the flexibility to change installation locations if needed, and they can adapt settings over time," says Fahey.

TripSaver II offers single-phase protection for lateral distribution lines with minimum current pick-up down to 5 A. The product installs quickly and easily, and can be installed in existing S&C or MacLean cutout mountings.

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