Voltage Regulator Covers

Reliaguard Inc. has released a new voltage regulator cover as part of the Reliaguard product line to complement the GreyEEL conductor cover and the EEL slider.

Both three-phase and single-phase regulators have reduced clearances because of their characteristic design and how they are commonly configured. These nominal clearances create a high risk for bird and animal contact. The high cost of replacing a regulator is another reason why it is crucial to protect this important system asset. Reliaguard regulator covers offer complete coverage of energized components, including series arresters and brackets, bushing terminals and wire connectors.

Complete coverage of energized components ensures system asset protection from bird or animal contact. The covers have an overlapping design to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Reliaguard’s two-part regulator covers provide comprehensive coverage of the regulator while leaving the insulated area of the arrester exposed for visual verification of the arrester’s integrity. The covers are designed to accommodate a wide range of bushings and conductor diameters.






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