Apple Asks FERC to Sell Power at Market-Based Rates

Apple Inc. has formed a subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, which has now asked for authorization to sell energy and ancillary services at market-based rates over broad areas of the United States.

In a June 6 filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Apple Energy sought permission to sell excess renewable energy — produced at Apple’s solar and other generating plants — on the wholesale power market at market-based rates.

According to the Public Power Daily, Apple Energy seeks to sell ancillary services, also at market-based rates, over broad regions overseen by most of the nation’s regional grid operators. The company wants authorization to sell these services such as regulation service, spinning reserve capability and/or voltage support services in the electricity markets overseen by the California Independent System Operator, the New York ISO, Midcontinent ISO, ISO New England, PJM Interconnection and the Southwest Power Pool.

If FERC grants Apple’s request, the company could begin selling electricity and related services in August, Public Power Daily reported.

Apple already owns some electricity sources in the West, including the Ft. Churchill Solar Array, a solar photovoltaic generating facility in Lyon County, Nevada. Apple also owns and controls Bonnybrooke PV, a 50-MW solar facility located in Pinal County, Arizona, that is currently under construction.

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