Preassembled Aerial Cable

Kerite’s preassembled aerial cable is designed for use between substation getaway riser cable and the circuit’s open-wire distribution portion, for express feeder circuits with site limitations, and for installation along space-constrained alleys and backyard boundaries, and areas subject to tree-related storm damage.

The preassembled aerial cable is composed of three shielded conductor cables banded together plus a messenger wire. The conductor, either aluminum or copper, is insulated with Kerite’s Permashield semiconducting layer and Kerite discharge resistant EPR system, which is used by Kerite on cable designs up to 138 kV.

The cable’s insulation shield is a free-stripping design, and the metallic shield consists of a 5-mil cupro- nickel or copper tape and/or copper concentric wires. The single conductor cable also may have an overall jacket. The entire twisted assembly is bound to a Copperweld messenger with a copper or optional stainless-steel strap that can be covered with a PVC or PE jacket.

For express feeder circuits with site limitations or where underground construction is cost prohibitive, use of preassembled aerial cable means that several express feeder cables can be safely installed below an open- wire pole-top circuit and then fan out to connect with the open-wire distribution system.

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