TAN DELTA VLF-TD Cable Diagnostic Testing from High Voltage, Inc.

How good are my cables?  Are they like new or slightly, moderately, or highly degraded?

Tan Deltatesting is a non-destructive diagnostic test performed to measure the condition, or level of deterioration, of a cable systems insulation. A population of cables is tested and graded. A comparative analysis is then made to predict relative life expectancy and to help prioritize cable replacement, rejuvenation/injection, or to determine what further tests may be useful, possibly a  VLF Withstandor VLF Partial Dischargetest.

Tan Delta testing is a well proven, common method of evaluating the dielectric integrity of insulation. It is an off-line test using a 0.1 Hz VLF AC voltage source. It is a qualitative test long established and defined by the IEEE and other similar organizations. It is easily performed, relatively economical, and provides useful results the operator can interpret and act on.

Why Choose the TD-34E?

The TD-34E, along with the HVI VLF-34E AC hipot, is the latest in design using current electronic technology. Together they permit the user to perform all VLF and VLF-TD tests possible and offer the best wireless operation and data collection, aided by the HVI custom application software written solely for the two devices. There is no better alternative. HVI has been supplying the world with VLF and Tan Delta technology since 1998, with more models, greater voltage range, and higher power capability, all with the superior sales and service that HVI is well known for worldwide.


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