Teco to Use Field Service Management Software

Teco Peoples Gas, a subsidiary of Teco Energy (Tampa, Florida, U.S.), has signed a multi-year agreement to use Eyeris Inc.'s (Denver, Colorado, U.S.) EyeCoach, a Web-based field service management software package. Teco Peoples Gas plans to use EyeCoach to implement basic job standards, to identify training needs and safety concerns, and to provide its field managers with a tool that manages the work force more effectively.

EyeCoach provides companies with two vital pieces of operational information: accurate standards for job duration, adjusting for actual route drive time, working conditions and other job variables; and objective measurements, ratings and reporting of performance at all levels within the organization.

EyeCoach addresses performance measurement needs by looking at each job individually and providing accurate estimates of how long each particular job should take to complete. The software makes performance information available across the entire organization, by department, by job type, by geography and by technician.

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