Field Technicians Gain Real-Time Access

Arizona Public Service (APS), Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., has selected Miami, Florida, U.S.-based ClientSoft's ClientBuilder middleware technology to develop a mobile dispatch and reporting application that will enable field technicians to have real-time access to reported equipment trouble information using wireless data networks and mobile computers.

Currently, field technicians communicate with the APS dispatch center via voice radio. The ClientBuilder middleware system will allow a field technician with a mobile notebook computer to receive equipment trouble reports directly from the central mainframe-based dispatch application. Using a graphical user interface, the technician can view outage details and then update the trouble report during and following completion of repairs. The updated report is then transmitted back to the middleware server, which posts the updates to the mainframe work order tracking systems.

Transmission of trouble reports to and from the mobile technicians is supported by a variety of IP-based data networks available within the Phoenix metropolitan area and across the state. In remote regions where coverage may not be present, the trouble ticket information will remain on the mobile notebook until the truck passes into a coverage area, at which time, data communications will resume between the truck and dispatch center automatically.
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