Sithe Completes USdollars1.67 Billion GPU Acquisition

Sithe Energies Inc., New York City, New York, has completed its USdollars1.67 billion purchase of 21 non-nuclear power-generating plants from GPU Inc. The transaction more than doubles the company's North American generating capacity to a total of 8047 MW from a total of 49 facilities in the United States and Canada.

The newly acquired plants, representing 4276 MW of generating capacity, include 16 power-generating facilities in Pennsylvania (2743 MW), four in New Jersey (1515 MW) and one 10-MW facility in Maryland. The plants are powered by a diversity of fuels, including natural gas, coal, oil and hydro. Sithe will manage and operate each facility. The transaction includes the purchase of GPU's interests in two 1711-MW stations in Pennsylvania, which Sithe also will manage and operate.

Consumers Verify Energy Bills Via Internet

Consumers in Kansas and southern New Jersey can access the Internet and guarantee what their energy bill will be, regardless of the weather and energy prices.

WeatherWise Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has developed an Internet version of its WeatherProof Bill, a one-of-a-kind, totally guaranteed annual energy bill. Internet sites offering the WeatherProof Bill can give customers in the area where the bill is available a timesaving way to find how much it will cost and then sign up for the program.

"Internet access lets our customers get information about the WeatherProof Bill in real time and at their convenience," says Eugene Dubay, president of Kansas Gas Service, an integrated energy services company operating in Kansas and northeast Oklahoma that offers the WeatherProof Bill. "Consumers no longer have to wait for a call back, nor do they have to make a call to get their individual WeatherProof Bill price and sign up."

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