Analyzing and Managing SF6 to Meet EPA Rules

The EPA has recently mandated new greenhouse gas reporting requirements, so proper testing of SF6-insulated equipment for contaminants has become an even higher priority for electric utilities, according to Lukas Rothlisberger, CEO and general manager of DILO.

Rothlisberger will present SF6 Analysis and Management at the 2009 Finepoint Circuit Breaker Test and Maintenance Training Conference on Thursday, Oct. 8. The session will cover the importance of testing for contaminants, especially moisture, and will discuss the difficulties in obtaining and interpreting test results.

Participants should come away with “a better understanding on how impurities – specifically moisture – affect the SF6 in gas-insulated equipment – and proper sampling techniques for SF6 both from circuit breakers as well as gas cylinders,” Rothlisberger said

“Finepoint is the premier and only conference geared specifically for industry professionals working with circuit breakers,” Rothlisberger said, which makes it a good venue for the SF6 Analysis and Measurement session.

Rothlisberger brings more than 14 years of working with greenhouse gas equipment to this year’s conference, so he will be able share DILO’s experience in manufacturing test equipment specifically for SF6.

Rothlisberger has been CEO/general manager of DILO since 2000. He is responsible for all of DILO’s operations in North and Latin America. In addition to day to day operations, specific job duties include providing safety and handling training for SF6 users, assisting SF6 users in setting up internal SF6 handling guidelines, and making sure that proper equipment is selected. He is participating on numerous SF6 Teams at utilities throughout the Americas.

He is a contributing member of the CIGRE SF6 Task Force (B3.02.01) and one of the co-authors for the CIGRE SF6 Recycling Guide, Revision 2003. Rothlisberger is also a member of the NEMA SF6 Task Force as well as IEC. He has written a number of technical papers about SF6 handling and has presented them for various organizations including US EPA, Finepoint, Doble and IEEE.

Visit DILO at Booth #50 at the Hospitality Expo.

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