Image Graphic Systems Releases 32-bit PAARS

Boulder, Colorado, U.S.-based Image Graphic Systems' 32-bit version of its popular Plot Access and Retrieval System (PAARS) allows users to retrieve and print hard copies of multiple record types in seconds, in the office and in the field.

Users also can run street address queries to be taken immediately to the appropriate spot on their maps. Several utilities have been using the 16-bit version for years, and now the most advanced, user-friendly version is ready for release to the public. Florida Power and Light, Miami, Florida, U.S., received the first copy and has reported excellent results.

The new 32-bit PAARS is fully Windows 9.x and NT compatible, and offers a more stable environment for use over networks than the original 16-bit version. The software is both client and server capable, and contains a programm able interface through an OCX.

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