PRODUCTS & Services, August 2010

Solid Dielectric Vacuum Switches

Built on the performance-proven Ultra Series solid dielectric vacuum switch platform, Maysteel's UltraSync capacitor switches offer exceptional reliability and durability in synchronous close/zero voltage close applications. UltraSync switches are available with 200-A and 400-A ratings for 15-kV, 25-kV and 35-kV grounded-wye applications.

Available in either single-phase or three-phase configurations, UltraSync switches deliver 0-V closing within 800 millionths of a second when using the Valquest Z-Cap control.

The switches mitigate harmonics and switching disturbances that occur in back-to-back capacitor bank switching and large power capacitor bank switching; eliminate the material cost and space required for inrush reactors; and improve capacitor bank reliability.

Maysteel, LLC |

Cutout Covers

Rauckman Utility Products, LLC announces the availability of Cutout Covers that are latest addition to Animal Mitigation line of products offered. All of Rauckman's animal mitigation devices increase reliability while decreasing unplanned interruptions of service.

The Cutout Covers are available in two models: W-110 (for 15 kVand 25 kV with BIL rating of 95 thru 150) and W-170 (for 15 kV, 27 kV and 36 kV with BIL rating of 170). Both have a UL-94 flame-retardant classification of V-0 and fit major manufacturer's porcelain and polymer type cutouts. The fasteners used for closures are UV stabilized also. Both models are easily installed with rubber gloves or shotgun sticks.

Rauckman Utility Products, LLC |

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