Stratos Offers IP Solution For Satellite Services

Stratos Global Corp. has introduced an Internet Protocol (IP) solution for communications over its mobile satellite networks. StratosNet offers built-in compression in conjunction with Web access, Internet e-mail and FTP (file transfer protocol) capabilities.

The solution provides 4-to-1 data compression for e-mail transactions and 2-to-1 compression for Web browsing. It also provides compatibility with circuit-switched services, a message notification system using satellite phones and pagers, and the opportunity to register online. Entergy Selects DINIS Entergy, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., has selected the Distributed Network Information System (DINIS) from ICL, a USdollars45 billion global IT services company.

DINIS is a comprehensive distribution network analysis system that integrates data-capture and electrical network analysis, and either operates as a stand-alone system or integrates with other applications. It allows control of network diagrams and associated facility data. Customized modules can be added to meet specific requirements; its standard modules are continually improved as ICL works closely with electricity industry partners around the world.

Entergy is implementing DINIS for electrical network analysis and will rely on the system for the capture, display, analysis and management of its underground distribution network systems. Entergy will use DINIS to manage the complex grid of conductors in its underground networks, as well as to model and analyze the underground network areas in central business districts. This tool will help planning engineers perform load-flow and contingency analysis to locate potential weak spots in the networks and recommend corrective action before failures occur, improving customer service.

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