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Eco-Sustainable High-Performance Cable

Prysmian's P-Laser is a high-performance medium-voltage cable for electrical grids. Made with raw materials that are recyclable, P-Laser helps to reduce the environmental impact of electrical grids while increasing their efficiency and transmission capacity.

P-Laser technology is also eco-sustainable. The HPTE insulating system of P-Laser cables uses thermoplastic materials unlike traditional XLPE cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation. The metal used for the conductor and the outer cable screens under the protective sheath is also recyclable, making the cable 100% eco-friendly.

P-Laser technology allows grid operators to work at temperatures above the typical 90°C (194°F), as usual with XLPE traditional technology. This higher thermal performance allows them to increase the power transmission for the same conductor section, or a longer cable life at the same temperature, but above all it allows higher capability. This is particularly important in the event of emergencies, grid congestion and “N-1” conditions (disconnection because of malfunction or maintenance of an adjacent line).
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