City of Anaheim Employs ArcFM and SAGE-FEI

The City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department (PUD; Anaheim, California, U.S.) is in production with Miner & Miner's (M&M; Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.) ArcFM and customized web-based application. SAGE-FEI (Stand Alone Geodatabase Editor- Field Equipment Inventory). PUD is a municipal utility serving approximately 105,000 electric customers in a 50 sq mile service area.

In need of a state-of-the-art GIS solution, PUD selected ArcFM and ArcGIS for a facilities management system. As part of the solution, the utility also requested a single source of information for its capital plant and equipment data in order to feed its work management system (WMS). To fulfill this requirement, M&M built SAGE-FEI, a web-based application that leverages the openness of the ESRI technology by using multiversioned views for remotely viewing and editing equipment-specific tabular data that reside in the ArcSDE geodatabase.

Prior to SAGE-FEI, PUD keyed the same information into two disconnected databases. Now, utility operations personnel can use a series of web pages to enter equipment information directly into the GIS. The SAGE-FEI web application also uses GIS-connected network data to provide accurate connection details such as circuit number and substation information to people throughout PUD.

The city's Utility Service Center uses the system to input new equipment records and track equipment location from the time of purchase until disposal. The Environmental Inspection department enters information on PCB testing to monitor the PCB content of its devices and generate standard reports from the database as required by the state of California. Access to SAGE-FEI is open to all city employees.

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