Sag and Tension Calculation Software

A new version of Southwire's SAG10 software for calculating sag and tension in overhead conductors is now available with featured enhancements:

  • In ACSR/AW conductors, the steel core is protected from corrosion by an aluminum coating. The aluminum-clad core shows more thermal elongation than conventional cores, resulting in different stress-strain characteristics. Earlier versions of SAG10 handled ACSR/AW conductors as an easily overlooked check box under Main Menu\Tools\Options. In v3.10.10, ACSR/AW conductors have a separate radio button.

  • Previous versions of SAG10 intermittently failed to carry forward the correct horizontal tension values from sag and tension calculations. V3.10.10 corrects this issue.

  • Metric users on occasion have seen values in their problem files converted to metric units for a second time when the file is reopened at a later date, resulting in a double conversion. This issue has been addressed, but metric users are advised to recheck problem file data each time the file is reopened, as there are still cases where SAG10 doesn't correctly control conversion of SI units.

  • V3.10.10 corrects inaccuracies in metric conversions for twisted-pair conductors.

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