Texas ice storm Facebook: Oncor

Oncor Winter Storm Restoration Almost Complete

Oncor expected to have all of the initial power outages that occurred on Friday during a severe winter ice storm restored yesterday morning. These outages were given the highest priority for Sunday and Monday restoration. Additional outages that occurred Saturday and Sunday from the ongoing subfreezing temperatures were expected to be restored by late Monday afternoon.

As of last night, storm restoration in the Dallas area was essentially complete, according to Oncor's Storm Center. Personnel worked throughout the night, and restoration activities continue in the Paris area and are expected to be completed today.

At 4 a.m. Monday, 14,000 outages remained in the Dallas area. Of these, only a few thousand were from Friday’s initial ice storm. Additionally, there were approximately 5,000 outages in Paris and Sulphur Springs from the weekend weather. At the peak of the storm 270,000 customers were without power; plus, approximately 50,000 new outages occurred Saturday and Sunday. The new outages were a result of the continuing subfreezing temperatures and icy conditions that caused tree limbs to dip and break into power lines.

“The severe weather and ice has continued to hinder our restoration progress, especially the treacherous driving conditions,” Chief Operating Officer Jim Greer said. “We know that this has been a difficult situation for our customers who have been without power, which is why the customers who have been out the longest have been given the highest priority with today’s restoration. We will continue to work around the clock until every customer’s power is back on.”

Nearly 5,000 Oncor combined employees, contractors and mutual assistance utility partners from eight states have continued to work around the clock quickly and safely.

There may be a small number of customers who are still without power after most of the restoration is completed. This includes customers who may have damage to their home electrical equipment, such as their meter base.

Homeowners who have meter bases (the box that surrounds a home’s electrical meter) that are damaged or pulled away from their home will need to contact an electrician to complete necessary repairs. After electrician repairs are completed, either the homeowner or the electrician will need to contact the homeowner’s city inspection office before Oncor can safely restore service.

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