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Lewis Tree Service Helps Utility Companies Restore Power To Thousands Affected By Winter Storm Nemo

Lewis Tree Service responded to the historic snowfall from winter storm Nemo earlier this month with more than 360 crews and 880 employees working in support of a dozen utility customers in the New England area. Over 500,000 homes and businesses lost power throughout portions of the Northeast as a result of the storm, and Lewis employees braved single-digit temperatures, high winds and blowing snow to remove thousands of fallen trees from power lines, roads and property, allowing utility crews and snowplows to move in and do their work.

“The significant amount of snow combined with strong winds along coastal communities was more than many trees could withstand. Fallen trees took out power lines and blocked roads, causing thousands of businesses and residential customers to spend hours without heat and light, and making snow removal difficult,” said Dan Oberlies, Regional Vice President and 2013 Storm Coordinator for Lewis Tree Service. “Situations like this call for a rapid, coordinated response to help the utility companies who supply power to the homes and businesses, and Lewis teams in the field and at the home office worked throughout the weekend and in the following days to support our customers in their efforts to get the power restored.”

Lewis crews and equipment traveled from as far away as Florida in advance of the storm’s arrival to be in place and ready to get to work as soon as the calls for help came in from customers. Working during the storm as well as in its aftermath, the Lewis teams moved steadily within the affected areas to remove trees from sagging power lines as well as roads, homes and businesses. One hundred crews and nearly 250 employees were mobilized in support of NSTAR Electric and Gas Company customers in the hard-hit area of Massachusetts that they serve.

“Throughout the storm and the restoration process, Lewis crews have played a key part in our restoration plan. The Lewis team has exceeded our expectations while providing around-the-clock coverage during and after the storm,” said Thomas Morahan, Manager, Distribution Construction, NSTAR Electric and Gas Company.

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